CEPARE Affiliate News Roundup – Spring 2023

Three women face the cameraMorgaen Donaldson is quoted on the opening of the Connecticut State Department of Education's (CSDE's)  Center for Connecticut Education Research Collaboration (CCERC). Read more here.

Alex Lamb is quoted in the Associated Press about grade retention and alternative strategies to support students' learning . Read more here.

Sakeena Everett, Alexandra Freidus, and Grace Player receive Spencer Foundation Grants to support equity-focused research on Black women's grief, youth as key actors in educational policy, and the power of girls of color in creating meaningful educational experiences. Read more here.

Jennie Weiner is quoted by the Fordham Institute about charter school teachers' perceptions of professional identity and their experiences with burnout, turnover, and retention  Read more here.

Preston Green is quoted by Fordham University on the dangers of unregulated school choice. Read more here.

Sandra Chafouleas is quoted on students' needs for belonging and social connection in the face of increased weapons in schools. Read more here.

Betsy McCoach named Distinguished Scholar by National Association for Gifted Children (NAGC). Read more here.

Suzanne Wilson elected to American Academy of Arts and Sciences. Read more here.